Wolf REDBAR Single Watch Winder


Wolf REDBAR Single Watch Winder


WOLF and RedBar have partnered on a limited edition collection unlike any other. Our Single Programmable Winder places you in control of the turns per day your watch needs in a black & red vegan pebble leather and features RedBar’s chrome branded plaque.

SIZE:  5.38″ L X 6″ W X 5.75″ H
  • Patented Innovation – Every WOLF winder counts the precise number of rotations. All other winders estimate the number of rotations.
  • Rotation Options: Can be set between 300 and 1200 TPD (Turns Per Day). Double the amount of TPD by selecting bi-directional.
  • Directional Settings: Clockwise, Counter Clockwise and Bi-directional
  • Battery Option: Option to run the unit on AC power (universal adapter included) or D-Cell/Lithium batteries (not included).
  • Storage: 1 winding module

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Weight6 lbs


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