Wolf Windsor Double Watch Winder-Brown

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Windsor Double Watch Winder-Brown


Because nothing says as much about a person as a fine automatic watch, at Wolf Designs we have invested countless hours developing the ultimate way to keep your watch ticking while it’s not on your wrist. European craftsmanship and patented technologies stand behind all our watch winders.


-Pebble finish exterior
-Silk fabric faceplate
-Polished chrome control panel
-Lock-In cuff accommodate a wrist size in excess of 10 inches
-Runs on 3.3V (110/220V) adapter (included) or D-cell batteries
-Battery pack: lithium or alkaline
-Drum size: 71mm deep and 77mm wide
-Dimensions: 7.5″Hx12”Lx8.13″W

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Weight8 lbs


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