Underwood: The Twenty-Module Unit – Briarwood


Underwood: The Twenty-Module Unit – Briarwood


Underwood Briarwood Twenty-Module Unit Watch Winder is the largest of the Briarwood Collection. The Underwood Twenty module Rotobox wood watch winder for luxury automatic watches features reliable Swiss Maxon watch winder motors housed in rich, lush handcrafted briarwood. There are two locking glass doors to protect your automatic watches while the twenty modules watch winder unit winds and maintain the power reserve.  The Underwood Briarwood Watch Winder – The Twenty-Module Unit includes a leather cover for travel as each module is a removable single Underwood watch winder unit that can operate on battery power.   Alternatively, the individual modules can be programmed by a system developed by Underwood Tool (available in the shop) in accordance with individual customer. By means of this tool can distinguish between a rotation to the left, right or be elected alternately. The number of turns per day is between 600 and 3600 revolutions. The winder is connected to a USB programming easy with the tool.

Dimensions: ca. W63.5 x H58 x D19.5 cm
Approx. W25 x H22 7/8 x D7 5/8 inches

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Weight25 lbs


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