Underwood: The Three-Module Unit – Briarwood


Underwood: The Three-Module Unit – Briarwood


Underwood: The Three-Module Unit – Briarwood is a fine example of handmade craftmanship and reliable technolgy.  This exquisite selection of handcrafted cases finished in a veneer of Briarwood is the most elegant way to display and maintain your automatic watch collection. Underwood Briarwood Watch Winder collection offers everything from a single watch-case to a Twenty Module Cabinet. Alternatively, the individual modules can be programmed by a system developed by Underwood Tool (available in the shop) in accordance with individual customer. By means of this tool can distinguish between a rotation to the left, right or be elected alternately. The number of turns per day is between 600 and 3600 revolutions. The winder is connected to a USB programming easy with the tool.

Dimensions: ca. W32 x H16.5 x D15.5 cmApprox. W12 5/8 x H6 1/2 x D6 1/8 inches

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Weight12 lbs


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