The Underwood Winding Module


The Underwood Winding Module.



THIS ABRASION-RESISTANT HI-TECH COATED COMPOSITE BOX is the most economical way to maintain your automatic watch in optimum working condition. The module can be operated on AC or battery power. And the shatterproof glass cover will keep your watch protected when it’s not on your wrist.

• The unit is supplied with an adapter (3V output and it is recommended that customers use only the adapter supplied. The adapter jack can be plugged into the rear of the housing.
• If the module is to run on battery power, remove the battery compartment cover, insert new batteries (two 3.0V alkaline “C” cell LR14), making sure to insert with the correct polarity. Underwood recommends using VARTA or DURACELL batteries.
• The UN/800 model is protected with a glass cover, which fits into the front of the housing.

Alternatively, the individual modules can be programmed by a system developed by Underwood Tool (available in the shop) in accordance with individual customer. By means of this tool can distinguish between a rotation to the left, right or be elected alternately. The number of turns per day is between 600 and 3600 revolutions. The winder is connected to a USB programming easy with the tool.

Available in three colours, grey, brown and blue.

Dimensions: ca. W9.2 x H11.0 x D11.5 cm
Approx. W3L x H4K x D4H inches.

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Weight6 lbs
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