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Swiss KubiK Automatic Single Watch Winder – White Carbon Fibre


Swiss KubiK Automatic Single Watch Winder in White Carbon Fibre.


The Swiss Kubik Automatic Single Watch Winder is housed in White Carbon Fibre.
It has been specially designed for storing and rewinding all luxury automatic watches. The standard Swiss Kubik single watch winder is a cube measuring 10 centimeters (3.937 inches). It guarantees a set number of rotations per day as opposed to a daily operating duration. Anodized Sapphire Blue is one of 12 anodized aluminum colors available.
The Swiss Kubik Watch Winder is initially programmed for 950 rotations per day. An optional program using a USB cable allows modification of the number of rotations per day and the direction of the rotations.

Optional Window Protect: hinged shield designed to protect and embellish your Swiss Kubik Watch Winder Anodized Aluminum – Sapphire Blue.

The Swiss Kubik watch winding technology is selected and recommended by the leading Swiss Watch Brands.

Swiss Kubik Watch Winder Features:

· Exclusive Design “Modern and Contemporary”
· “USB Programming” selects direction and number of turns per day for all automatic watches
· Powered by two standard alkaline “C type” batteries, giving a life span of over 3 years in continuous mode
· Adjustable watch support with special “security clip”
· Pause mode stops in vertical position
· High performance motor developed exclusively by Portescap Switzerland
· Swiss Made

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