Heiden Single Watch Winder – Walnut


Heiden Battery Powered Single Watch Winder – Walnut


Product Description
The Heiden watch winder has been completely redesigned with new features such as:

Easy to use settings to set your turns per day and direction for each individual watch holder (so you can customize each setting for all your watches)
Push button in the front to easily turn on and off your winder (no need to turn off the winder from the back)
Newly designed spring action watch pillow that can hold a wide variety of wrist sizes
Increased interior space to accommodate large size watches
Microfiber cleaning cloth, microfiber protective storage bag and a matte black storage box.
This automatic single watch winder holds one watch and can be powered by batteries (D size) or AC adapter. This watch winder is in a walnut finish with a clear display top and looks great anywhere in your room.

Keep and maintain your fine time pieces in our high quality watch winders. Our watch winders will not only wind your automatic watches but also store it as well. Each watch winder is hand made and developed to wind all popular brands of time pieces. Each motor has individual settings.

Feature Description:

-Made of wood with a walnut veneer finish and clear display top
-Beige colored velvet interior with watch pillow
-Motor has 4 different settings (650-950-1250-1850 Turns Per Day) and winds either clockwise, counter clockwise or bi-directional
-Winds 1 watch
-Can run on batteries (D size). Lasts approximately 3 months
-Power adapter included
-1 year warranty by Heiden
-Made in China
-Dimensions: 5.125 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches (L x W X H)

Additional information

Weight5 lbs


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