Rapport Optima Commander Automatic Single Watch Winder


Rapport Optima Commander Automatic Single Watch Winder.


The Commander Series is probably the most advanced range of Watch Winders available today. Inside the luxury case we have packed a mechanism with total control over every aspect of the winding cycle. An easy-to-read LCD display shows the progress of the winding function.

Facilities Include:
• Subtle Blue LED Illumination

LCD Control Panel with user selectable:
• Multi-Directional Rotation
• Turns Per Day
• Quick-Wind Mode
• Pre-Set Modes
• Blue Back-Lit Digits
• Timer

The cases are of solid wood construction in an Ebony piano-finish. Thick polished glass insets at the top and bottom, a beveled glass, lockable door, and bright chrome fittings complete the luxury look of these winders.
All use fully adjustable black leather clips and Optima drives. An internal light is added which gives a subtle light to show off your watches at their very best!

Dimensions: 240mm H X 190mm W X 200mm D

Additional information

Weight20 lbs


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