Orbita Tourbillon Programmable Single Watch Winder


Orbita Tourbillon Programmable Single Watch Winder


The Tourbillon 1 from the brand Orbita is a single-unit watch winder encased in crystal glass for your viewing pleasure. You can be assured your timepiece stays dust-free and on display for all to see.

The revolutionary digital technology allows digital displays of exact time and turns per day (TPD). Equipped with a photo-optic system that counts each cylinder turn and automatically advances the rest position 30° after each rotation. Your timepiece will rotate 390º with each cycle, then comes to rest. The succeeding cycles repeat the 390º rotation, resulting in 30º steps. After 12 cycles, your watch has circumscribed a full 360º. The effect, makes any watch a tourbillon, hence the name, by canceling out gravity’s effects on your watch’s balance wheel for supreme accuracy.

Operated by a supplied power adapter, the Orbita Tourbillon will showcase your timepiece while displaying the turns per day at a glance. The digital TPD display counter automatically resets at midnight with flashing blue LED lights.

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