Orbita GIGLIO ASLA – BLUE MARLIN 3 Automatic Triple Watch Winder

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Orbita GIGLIO ASLA – BLUE MARLIN 3 Automatic Triple Watch Winder. Another design by Giglio Asla, this is a beautiful rendition of a blue marlin, again created with hundreds of tiny pieces of wood. Produced in a Limited Edition series, each one numbered and signed by the artist. Click image for enlarged view and further details.


For over 70 years the Italian company Giglio Asla have supplied the highest quality in inlaid wood all over the world. Especially for our Artisan series, they have designed cases both exceptional in quality and appearance which are detailed with intarsia of the classic Salvador Dali work of art known as Danae.

Intarsia designs are created with hundreds of tiny pieces of wood, carefully selected, to make each item one of unique beauty and craftsmanship. The particular variety of woods, originating for the most part from Europe and Africa, the drying process, the assembly and varnish processes, all contribute towards the making of exceptional cases. The meticulous puzzle-like assembly of tiny pieces of wood may require up to 25 different wood varieties. Giglio’s woods are perfectly dried and the veneering is meticulously selected. The woods comprise ebony, elmwood, maple, poplar, briar, rosewood, vavon and walnut dyed in different colors.

Upon completion, each of these Limited Edition pieces are detailed with a small plaque identifying the Italian case maker and serially numbered 001/100 to 100/100.

Inside the case is an easily removable drive station fitted with three Swiss-made ironless core drive motors to provide independent operation for each of the three rotating cups. User-programmable microprocessor controls both rotation direction and turns per day (TPD), allowing full optimization for the watch being wound. Power is provided by either “C” cell alkaline batteries or by the supplied AC/DC adapter. A “low voltage” battery light automatically signals when battery replacement is due.

Dimensions: 6.0 H x 13.2 W x 13.2 D

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