Swiss Z Automatic Single Watch Winder – Cherrywood


Diplomat Zurich Automatic Single Watch Winder in Cherrywood. Master crafted watch winders of the best quality available. Exquisite detail and precision craftsmanship from the one of the best watch winder manufacturers in the business.


This Diplomat Zurich automatic single watch winder will keep your self winding watches wound and ready to wear. This single Watch Winder runs on a timer program the prevents overwinding. The intergraded intermitted timer will run approximately thirty seconds for each fifteen minutes of rest time. Each Diplomat unit is individually handcrafted by experienced hands. The exterior of the winder is cherry finish with a rich glossy long lasting finish. The comes with a Lucite window for viewing timepiece. The winders is lined with a white leatherette interior.

Single Watch Winder
Battery Powered
White Leather Interior
Size: 6″ x 6″ x 7″
110v Adapter included
Pre-Programmed Type 4

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Weight5 lbs


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