Swiss Illuminum LED Lit Gray Aluminum Single Watch Winder


Diplomat Illuminum LED Lit Gray Aluminum Single Watch Winder

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This Diplomat Illuminum LED Lit Gray Aluminum Single Watch Winder with built in Smart Internal Bi-Directional Timer Control, rotates clockwise, counter-clockwise or alternate. This winder works on most brands of automatic watches. The exterior of this winder is finished in a handsome high gloss Gray finish with chrome accents. The compact design helps save space and looks great in the bedroom or office. This automatic watch winder will keep your automatic timepieces wound and ready to wear when you need them. World’s finest watches manufacturers use automatic movement of their watches like Rolex , Patek Philippe, Breitling, Movado, IWC, Tag Heuer as well as many other known brand name watch manufacturers. This winder will help you avoid setting the time on these watches when they have not been worn for a while. Great for watch enthusiasts that own multiple watches and change watch styles every couple of days.


  • Capacity: 1 Watch(es)
  • Size: Single (1) Watch Winder
  • Exterior Material: Japanese Mabuchi Motors with Smart Internal Bi-Directional Timer Control
  • Exterior Color: Gray Aluminum
  • Interior Color: Black Plastic
  • Color: Gray
  • Product Materials: Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions (L,W,H): 6.00 X 7.50 X 6.00 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.75 lbs
  • Power: (2) C-Cell Batteries; 110-240 V AC (adapter included)
  • TPD
  • Battery Power: Yes
  • Warranty 1 year

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